Jamel H. – Account Manager

Jamel | ROC Cleaning

How long have you worked for ROC Cleaning?

Since May 2021

What in your work history prepared you for the role of Account Manager?

I’ve worked as a geek squad analyst and maintenance tech

What is the role of a ROC Cleaning Account Manager?

I travel and provide customer service to clients at specific locations to ensure that the cleaning team has created a clean environment in their facility. I ensure the scope of work is being met to maintain the peace, and create opportunities to make sure everyone is happy and all needs are met. I build relationships with clients, and I like to have fun while doing it!

What is the most enjoyable part of your job?

When a problem is solved. The client’s excitement is powerful because it shows that you care. Plus, I get to meet so many personalities. It doesn’t matter if it’s a positive day or a challenging one – it all works out to just be fun.

Why should prospective clients choose ROC Cleaning over other cleaning companies?

ROC goes above and beyond to make sure clients are taken care of.

Why do ROC Cleaning clients stay with ROC so long?

Great customer service and 24/7 service and security.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Basketball, paintball and boating.